Our Mistakes in Science

  As is the case in every school, the Michaela Science department has made its fair share of mistakes. After a few years of experimentation, trial and error, we have learned many lessons about what to do – and what not to do – in the science laboratory. Like all teachers, we want to provide our […]

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Drill, Drill, Drill

Like flares and fondue, the art of drilling has recently started to come back into fashion. Whilst jazzy games and iPads may seem like a fun alternative to traditional teaching, there’s nothing more effective for embedding understanding of complex concepts than a bunch of satisfyingly repetitive drill exercises. Although useful for all subjects, I find […]

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No Guesswork. No Nonsense.

As a trainee, I was frequently told of the virtues of carrying out practicals in science lessons. These ‘investigations’ were touted as crucial tools for engaging pupils in science, allowing them to learn about new concepts through exploration, experimentation and enquiry. Rather than learning the underpinning knowledge first, I should create conditions for my pupils […]

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Selling Science

Astronomy is my hard sell of physical science. Think of astronomy as the confectionery placed at the point of purchase in a well-known chain of high street stationery shops. How did the checkout boy, Alex, know I wanted a super sized bag of sour sweets at 10 am on a Saturday morning? I want the […]

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The Key to Great School Trips

The key to planning great school trips is organisation, organisation, organisation! How does one know what to organise? Look no further than this blog post. Michaela Community School might have only had its second school trip ever last Thursday, but we would like to share how Michaela does things, and the rationale behind some of […]

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Do Your Kids Hate Science Yet?

Last week, a science teacher who had heard about the knowledge-led, mastery-focused curriculum at Michaela asked me, “do your kids hate Science yet?” On the same day, I attended a ‘knowledge versus skills’ science debate. The skills troops were gathered and I was offered an insight into the ideological battlefield. There was a real sense […]

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